Dust to Life - Introduction

One of the things we’ve been most thankful for at The Crowded House has been the corporate, sung worship. Over the years, whatever the abilities of the musicians we’ve had, whatever the constraints on sound technology, what has been consistent is the sheer volume of the singing. On occasions, it’s felt like the room has shaken by the sound of God’s people singing his praises, the music being a swelling soundtrack to the lives of people following Jesus.

And over the years, we’ve written more and more songs. More often than not, it’s been a response to a gap in the repertoire; where there hasn’t been a song we’ve wanted to sing on a particular theme, or to function in a particular way in our Gatherings. One of the highlights of our sung worship have been when the songs have emerged from our own story as a people formed decisively in the past, living joyfully in the present and longing eagerly for the future.

These two things; the sung worship and the emergence of original congregational songs have been the background to Dust To Life. It’s the sound and feel of the music which has been a feature of our life as a church which we wanted to capture and represent on this album. We hope that as you listen you’ll get an insight not into our musical tastes and style, but of what God has been doing with us, teaching us and graciously revealing to us about his son, Jesus Christ.

Within that over-arching story, we wanted the guiding principles of our songs, and the production of this CD to be:

  • Real and heartfelt: No fancy vocals, no instrumental solos. This is the sound of God’s people in Sheffield, gathered to sing his praises.

  • Contemporary and original: We wanted the album to sound fresh, the lyrics and arrangements accessible, direct and beautiful.
  • Congregational and singable: We hope you can hear that the songs are written to be sung by a local church. 
Rob Spinkblog, intro