O Soul Why Now So Weary - Lyric Video

Speaking about the process of writing the lyrics, Lucy said:

"God's truth speaks into every single human emotion. After all, he invented them all.

So I set out to find specific parts of God's word where he speaks into these emotions.

Unsurprisingly, I turned to the Psalms. The psalmists often start where they are at, with the rawness and the brokenness of their human emotion, and then counsel themselves with what they know is true about God. They don't allow their emotions to have the last word, but they are utterly honest with God about them and in the midst of them, and then they apply rock solid truth until they feel it. By the end of the Psalm their emotions are in line with the truth rather than letting their emotions teach them what's true. I particularly love the way the psalmist will speak to their soul, sometimes gently, sometimes quite sternly, and encourage it to get in line with the truth. Psalm 42 does this a lot and is the Psalm that had the greatest influence on this song's lyrics."

"...there are times when our sorrow seems to be too strong and the brokenness too painful to gather our feelings and thoughts into words. I suspect that's one of the reasons the Lord gave us the Psalms, and it's one of the reasons for this song. There have been many times since I wrote it when it has helped express the ache in my heart when I couldn't find the words before the Lord. I hope and pray that it serves others in that way too."

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