Embracing Participation and Excellence in Songs for Congregations

I’m still conflicted today. I like good music. And I’m not content to settle on some subjective definition on what that means. Music is an art form and, because I’m a Christian, I want to affirm there are real ways we can discuss the quality and excellence of a song. There is such a thing as God-glorifying beauty and truth, which can be present to a greater or lesser extent.

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A Song For Advent: Writing ‘The One True Light’

For this song, the words preceded the music. I spent a whole day in October curled up next to a heater, digging into John 1 and Tim's illuminating prose. As I read, I noted down things that really struck me. When I'd finished the book I had a few pages bursting with jaw-dropping truths about Jesus being born as a human. It was these that became the song “The One True Light”.

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Lucy Mitchell
Dust to Life - Introduction

One of the highlights of our sung worship have been when the songs have emerged from our own story as a people formed decisively in the past, living joyfully in the present and longing eagerly for the future.

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Rob Spinkblog, intro