The House Band presents


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Who is the House Band?

We are a group of musicians from The Crowded House who enjoy using our God-given gifts to celebrate him and help others do the same. 

The Project

Dust To Life is an album of twelve original TCH songs we've enjoyed singing congregationally over the years. We hope these songs will bless God's people, helping them celebrate their shared life in Christ. 

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Here you will find all the sheet music and chord charts for all the songs from the album, please feel free to download and use in your local church if you wish to do so!

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Why We Sing:

We sing because, as Ephesians 5 highlights, singing helps our hearts give thanks always and for everything. We have so much to rejoice in as God's people! 

What We Sing: 

God has blessed TCH with a number of songwriters, who love taking rich theological truth and moulding it into songs to help capture our affections. Dust To Life is an album of twelve of these original songs written by people in TCH and sung by our congregations over the years. Some songs dwell on particular passages of the Bible, for example We Will Follow Christ (Psalm 16) and The One True Light (John 1:1-14); and some celebrate threads of truth that run throughout the Bible story, for example We're a People, and The Adoption Story.

These twelve songs cover a range of experience for God's people in a waiting world – repentance and wonder, celebration and lament, resolution and hope. They reflect different aspects of our gospel identity as outlined in our statement of faith:

  • A people longing eagerly for the future: We Long to See our Jesus; Where are You, Lord?
  • A people formed decisively in the past: The One True Light; Our King; The Adoption Story
  • A people living joyfully in the present: We Believe; Mercy without Measure; We Will Follow Christ; We're a People; Voices; Baptised in Christ; O Soul, Why Now So Weary? 

How We Sing: 

Paul also explains that in our singing to God we are also addressing one another. As we sing we remind each other of who we are in Christ. In our TCH Gatherings we often make eye contact with one another while we sing. Whilst not very British, this is a meaningful way to nudge these truths into each other's hearts. There is powerful encouragement in seeing brothers and sisters engaging with others' circumstances by declaring gospel truth to one another through song.

We hope this album reflects the corporate nature of our singing through the use of pluralised pronouns, and by capturing something of the heartfelt congregational singing. 

Who Should Sing: 

Song is a beautiful gift from a creative God who gives generously to us so that we can bless others. We have hugely enjoyed creating and singing these songs, and have found them helpful in capturing our affections for our Saviour. We hope that they prove a blessing to the wider church, helping God's people celebrate their corporate identity as those given life in Christ, and helping them share this joy with others who don't yet know him.